Brent and Kilburn Times published the letter from our PPC Paul Lorber

Back in 23rd June, we published a letter written by our PPC Brent North Mr Paul Lorber to the MP of Brent North Mr Barry Gardiner.

We still haven't heard from him yet, so Paul wrote an article on Kilburn and Brent Times. It reads as:

"By a large majority the people of Brent voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 advisory referendum (60 per cent versus 40pc).

Barry Gardiner, the Labour MP for Brent North, is a “representative” in Brent and his priority should be to look after the interests of Brent residents.

While complaining about the shambolic mess the Tories are making of the Brexit negotiations, Barry Gardiner and the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn are backing the Conservatives in pursuit of the damaging Brexit policy.

As a result of Brexit the value of the pound sterling has slumped. And the prices of food, petrol, travel and other goods have risen.

The British economy is the worst performing economy in European Union, with thousands of job losses being announced every week.

The future prospects and opportunities for young people will be much worse in an isolated Britain outside of the EU.

All the claims of “will of the people” and “taking control” are of course a lot of nonsense. Pandering to anti-immigrant sentiments is a disgrace.

The main beneficiaries of Brexit will be the rich speculators avoiding taxes via tax havens, people smugglers and crime syndicates who will all take advantage of a failing British economy and a divided nation.

Next time Barry Gardiner writes an article for the Brent & Kilburn Times, I challenge him to give three reasons why Brexit is good for the people of Brent.

And, if he cannot, he should explain why he is not standing up for local people and against the Tory Brexit government.


The link of the article is here:

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