Mr Barry Gardiner: Please explain how Brexit will benefit your people of Brent?

Our PPC for Brent North Mr Paul Lorber has just written a open letter to the Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade Mr Barry Gardiner. Here's the content of the letter:




As you know around 60% of Brent residents who voted in the 2016 Referendum supported our continued membership of the European Union.


In my view it is our young people who will lose out most by the decision to leave.


I appreciate that you are a 'representative' and not a delegate - but a representative of the people of Brent North and not of the whole of the UK.


Since you and your Leader are continuing to support Brexit and the so called "will of the people" - despite the fact that the Referendum was only advisory and only around 35% of the total voting population voted to leave (a clear minority) - please explain how you think that leaving the EU will benefit the people of Brent North in practice.


I think local people have the right to know why you as the local Labour representative and the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn are supporting the Conservative Government in a lemming style pursuit of a shambolic policy which in my view will be damaging to most people in Brent.


I look forward to you clear and early explanation of why Brexit is good for the people of Brent.





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